Royal Windsor Racecourse offers a unique venue for the ICHG 2017 event. Set on an island surrounded by the River Thames near the historic town of Windsor, the racecourse is an interesting location for our international visitors. With a sweeping treelines approach and panoramic views of the racecourse and woodland the conference suits offers large rooms for both presentations and exhibition stands. An additional open air terrace offers networking space.

Windsor Racecourse is easily accessible from the M4 and provides free, unlimited parking. Additionally regular trains run from central London and Windsor is a mere 15 minutes from Heathrow via bus or taxi.


About Windsor

The historic market town of Windsor is best known as a main residence of the Royal Family in the beautiful and ancient Windsor Castle. Set on the majestic River Thames the town is thought to date back more than 1,000 years and it's proximity to London along with abundant natural resources has ensured it's prosperity ever since. That said, the town has seen periods of poverty and grime as much of England did during the medieval era. Speakspeare is said to have walked the streets of Windsor and given that his play, The Merry Wives of Windsor, was set there with descriptions of the twon and surrounding countryside it is possible that the play was penned in the Garter Inn which once stood opposite the castle.

Although much of the old town was redeveloped during the Georgian and Victorian periods visitors can still see very ancient architecture, such as that on Peascod Street which is of Saxon origin, probably pre-dating the castle itself.



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